Center for Computational Linguistics

Center for Computational Linguistics 2005-2009

About the Center

The Center for Computational Linguistics is a project supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, project No. LC536. It is a follow-up of a similar Center, running from 2000 to 2004 (also named Center for Computational Linguistics).


The Center is a "virtual" establishment, formed by four leading sites in the area of Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing in the Czech Republic. Pointers to Center's web sections distributed at the partners and their institutions are provided here:

Goals of the Center

The Center connects the participating institutions to collectively advance the state of the art in theoretical research in the field of Computational Linguistics. Specifically, the research and cooperation will be focused on

  • joint processing of written and spoken language;
  • theoretical approaches to spoken language understanding and representation;
  • information retrieval and information extraction based on spoken material;
  • natural language generation (including in th econtext of dialog systems);
  • lexical issues and building of lexical databases for NLP;
  • multiligual issues including new approaches to machine translation;
  • building linguistic resources related to the above research.